We moved to Bijsterhuizen 5016 from December 1, 2022


Construction Scrub and vacuum machine
Year 2021
Price € 1.950,-
Fuel Other
General state Very good
Technical state Very good
Optical state Very good
2021 | € 1.950,-
€ 1.950,-

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Tenant 1610

* NEW!
* Unused
* 0 working hours
* additional charge for batteries and charger €1200
In case of intracommunity delivery, we need to receive at least the following information from you: Chamber of Commerce extract of the company and a VIES or EU VAT number), copy of the passport of the owner of the company and a minimum payment of 20% through the bank account of the company concerned. For all VAT vehicles going outside the EU we charge a deposit of 20% of the full invoice amount. As soon as you have informed us and proven that the vehicle is outside the EU, we will refund your deposit immediately.
Please contact our sales team for more information!